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Jose L. Agraz PhD

R&D Engineer, Programmer, Inventor, Researcher




University of California, Los Angeles (UCLA)
Northwestern University (NU), Chicago

M.S. Electrical Engineering

Pennsylvania State University (PSU)

CDMA Engineering

University of California, San Diego (UCSD)

B.S Electrical Engineering

San Diego State University (SDSU)

Awards & Honors

NIH training fellowship at Northwestern University

Innovation Technology Award, SDSU

Button-Waller Fellowship at PSU

PREP NIH Fellowship SDSU

MAERC Fellowship SDSU

DOE/Lockheed CoOp at Idaho National Engineering Laboratory

REMEC Inc Fellowship

IEEE 1st Price, HVDC Converter LabVIEW


Microelectronic Circuit Lab (EE430l & 330L)

San Diego State University

Analog Circuit Lecturer

Southwestern College


Product Developer

Intel Corp16-Present

Projects: Precognition of Falls in Elderly, Prenatal Heart Beat Tracking, Portable Spectrometer

R&D Engineer

Self Employed 13-16

Current Projects: Visual tracking using Xbox Kinect, LabView Automation, sensor implementation, Mixed signal circuit test, simulation, analysis & integration. Perl Data mining, Visual Basic, embedded systems (Edison & PIC), Bitcoin mining, and instrumentation development

Graduate Research Assistant

Cedars-Sinai Medical Center/UCLA/NU 08-13

Designed and developed Hyperpolarization Instrumentation for cancer imaging at molecular level

Electronic Technician

Air Force Space Command San Diego Station

Monitored the operation of the satellite detection system. Identify, isolate, and resolve all system failures

Graduate Research Assistant

Penn State University 02-04

Developed non-moving parts piezoelectric motors

Senior Test Engineer

Cadence Designs Systems 00-02

Mixed signal ASIC devices Verification, Validation, & Characterization using Credence & Teradyne testers

Hardware Skills

Mixed signal circuit design

Embedded systems

PCB Layout & Schematic Capture

Automated Test Equipment (ATE)

Pneumatic Sample Delivery Systems

Sensors Implementation

Wireless Design (Bluetooth & WIFI)

Current Source/Sink Design

Switching Power Supply Design

ASIC Testing

Fast Prototyping

Signal Acquisition

Programming Skills


C & C++






Visual Basic

Recording human motion while producing music

your image description

Monitoring system that quantifies movement using using LabView motion tracking software and the Kinect video camera, an inexpensive video camera used in the Xbox console game system

Motion detection and recording system

your image description

LabView real time cursor program, in which a person can draw an image and the xy coordinates drive the music (music modulation)

para-Hydrogen Induced Polarization

your image description

Hyperpolarization Instrumentation for cancer imaging at molecular level.

Pilates Distance, Velocity, & Acceleration tracking

Pilates Embedded system

Distance, Velocity, & Acceleration tracking using PIC microcontrollers for elderly rehabilitation tracking using Pilates rehabilitation machines

Blackjack Lucky Streaks: Statistical analysis

Pilates Embedded system

Analysis of streaks and progressing betting in Blackjack

Laser based ultrasensitive microphone for Homeland Security applications

your image description

Ultra sensitive Optical microphone & USB portable recording devices for non-invasive listening applications

Force measuring device for skin blood flow obstruction for near infrared spectroscopy optical probes

Calibrated force sensor measuring device for deep muscle oxygen concentration measurement applications

Space Surveillance IF to Audio Baseband down converter

RF to audio band converter of Air Force Space Surveillance early detection system. An economic backup system for the Air Force Space Surveillance San Diego Field Station

Electronic Race Alternator (Racemate II)

Microcontroller controlled racing permanent magnet alternator for currents beyond 32 amps

LabView stand alone space surveillance data capture and report generator

your image description

Data parsing program for Air Force Space Surveillance receivers and transmitters performance evaluation.

Λ (Lambda) Shaped Linear Piezoelectric Motor

your image description

No moving parts, inexpensive, non-magnetic Piezoelectric Motor for fiber optic alignment applications

Finger Force and Acceleration Sensor Instrumentation Design

Finger Force Keyboard

Quantification of carpal tunnel syndrome injuries

AutoCAD Interactive Drawing-Data Base Program

Lisp data base for SCADA system at the INEL. This program is a set of lISP files running on the AutoCAD enviroment, consisting of; substation drawings linked to a main data base holding information for every device

HVDC Converter Station Simulator

LabView program with a GUI used to simulate contigencies and unstable conditions in a HVDC converter.

LabView Virtual Instrument Drive for T/C Simulator Calibrators

Software driver for 1120 T/C Simulator Calibrators

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